60 Plus 1

60 Plus 1

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Birthdays ….  Anyone who doesn’t like to have a birthday is crazy. I love having a birthday.  Stating the obvious that it’s better than the alternative! This is the day that I came into the world, so yes that makes it special.  This is my ONE special day of the year.

I have to admit I wasn’t too sure about turning the big 6-0 last year, but having had a year to get used to it, it’s not so bad.  Last year my Grandson was born on my birthday, and that event took precedence over any of my celebrations.  But that’s ok; I am thrilled to share the day with him!  When he is 19 I will only be 79 ….. maybe we could still celebrate together! 

I did some research on the benefits of being in your 60’s.  Here you go:

·        We Like Ourselves – Well if I don’t like me, how can I expect other to?

·        We Appreciate Internal Beauty – Well dah.  The outside is not like it used to be so let’s focus on something else.

·        We Are True to Ourselves – I didn’t wait until I was 60 to find my own voice, pretty sure I have never been afraid to speak up.

·        We Know Our Worth – I may know what I am worth, but my bank is having a problem with it.

·        We Recognize Life is Precious – I am already past my ½ way point in life and am grateful for each day.

·        We Are Open to Love – I have developed a greater appreciation for other peoples struggles in life.  Each day is an opportunity for me to gain a new appreciation for someone.

·        We Have Contributions to Make – Making a contribution is different now than when I was younger.  I want to help someone else out now more than myself.

·        We Go for It – Hmmmm.   I don’t have a bucket list nor do I dream of any one thing I want to accomplish.  I am feeling settled if that makes sense.

·        We Turn Heads – Not sure about this one. 

I had a great Birthday celebration this past weekend with some very special people.  And, they all brought gifts!!  I went home with 6 bottles of wine!  My friends know me well.

Enjoy every day of the journey, my friends.

Always here for you,


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