Christmas ... Here you come again!

Christmas ... Here you come again!

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It's a joyous time of year when everyone is happy.  Homes are decorated to the nine's, food and drink are abundant, there is snow on Christmas Eve, lots of presents are under the tree and everything is perfect!   Oh wait, that's a Hallmark TV show!  

Personally, I don't like watching these shows at Christmas.  I get the feeling that I am inadequate.  How can my family ever be like the ones we watch on TV?  Is it even possible?  I know they are just TV shows and not real, but how many of us feel that this is how Christmas is supposed to be?  Maybe I can identify more with the Griswold's Christmas. A dysfunctional family at best.

On a serious note, how many of us teach our children the true meaning of Christmas?  I am not on a religious rant here, but with all the commercialism, it is something to think about.

Christmas ... Here you come again.

The struggle is real... to be happy at Christmas. Anyone who suffers from anxiety will know what I mean. You can feel it start in your gut and it works its way up to your throat & and your heart starts to beat a little faster. It takes a lot of effort to calm the body and mind and just let things be.  My friends with anxiety will get this. There is pressure to like and forgive those that have done you wrong, and then there are the estranged family members. It can be hard to remember what the ‘reason for the season’ is.  I know I am not alone. Many of you will understand.  

So far my fix is to spend lots of time with seniors and children.  There is an innocence, wonder & awe in my grandchildren that fills my heart.  Spending time with my Mother reminds me of how precious life actually is.

All in all, the season will pass. Despite our worries we will have a wonderful time, lots of food and a smidgen of alcohol ;). 

Take a deep breath everyone; it truly is a Wonderful Season!

Always here for you,

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