Comfort Zone

Comfort Zone

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Out of My Comfort Zone…… or ….. Did I Find My Zone?

My friend John has ideas.  Many, many, many ideas.  He is one of those people that have more ideas than most people want to listen to.  But I like ideas, and I especially liked that John was willing to put himself out there and accomplish one of his dreams by creating ‘The Front Porch Show’.  No one knew if it would be a success or a flop, but nothing ventured, nothing gained.  When John asked me to be on one of the shows, I honestly felt that I would be letting him down if I didn’t agree. 

I was asked me to do an advertisement for my business, Sun Rayz.  This would be in front of a small audience on his front yard. And guess what, the show was being broadcast LIVE on Facebook!   The director told me I had 1 minute to do the Ad.    ONE minute!!!!  How could I possibly tell everyone about my business in 1 minute?    Well, I talked fast.  As soon as it was done I couldn’t even remember what I said, but everyone said it was good; or maybe it was the discount coupon I gave that was the hit!

When you own your own business and rely on yourself for your pay cheque, you try many different ways to draw attention to your business.  All I had to lose was one Sunday evening of my time. So off I went by myself.  I don’t always need someone physically there to support me; I can be pretty determined all by myself. 

At the end of the show I was pleasantly surprised with the response I received and proud of myself for ‘just doing it’.   Then   …..  I was asked to do an Ad on two more shows!  The second show, my husband and business partner came with me.  We both had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed the show.  Excitement must be contagious as my husband Casey actually came up with an idea for our third Ad and was in the commercial with me! 

The outcome?  Self Confidence!  I feel so empowered and supported by a lot of great friends.  Have you ever had the feeling that this is your time in life?   

Will I do it again?  Absolutely!  I had so much fun.

So it got me thinking.  What is my future in front of people?  Town Councilor – NO – I’m afraid my skin isn’t quite thick enough for that.  Live theater – NO – it’s the memorizing of lines!  I can’t even remember what I had for breakfast some days.

I think I will just stick to Sun Rayz and my ‘live’ Advertising on The Front Porch Show.  Can’t wait until next season!

PS:  I would love to hear your ‘Out of Comfort Zone’ stories!  Inspire me!

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