It’s all about You ….. and Me!

It’s all about You ….. and Me!

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This will be my first Blog.  I am far from a professional Blogger, so this one will tell you a little about me. Here we go. 

I like to think of myself as a bit of a dreamer, my head is always full of ideas.   Though, my Mother would just call me the ‘middle child’ or the rebel.  I helped my parents remove a lot of rules for my younger sister.  I have never been comfortable with the ‘status quo’ and most days I yearn for adventure, however, I have no idea what I would do if adventure did find me!  I have just turned 60 years young and my life so far has definitely been a journey with a variety of twists and turns.  I have been married for 36 years to my husband Casey and we have 2 adult married daughters with grandchildren. 

It’s a juggling act to be a Mother, Wife, Grandmother and a Business Owner.  In all of those titles, where does just being ME fit in?  I think as women of all ages we ask ourselves this.  Follow your dream and never give up.  Yes, we are all allowed to dream.

I opened Sun Rayz in 2009 while still working full time at my I.T. job for the first 3 years.  I wanted to be sure this business was going to succeed before I gave up my 37.5 hour work week, benefits, pension, weekends, and vacations!  LOL 

As Sun Rayz is also a Tanning Salon, fortunately my clients are always happy when they arrive.  They are excited for an upcoming trip, wedding or just want some sun to chase their blues away.  That excitement rubs off on me and always makes me happy.

Before Sun Rayz, my favourite pastime was shopping!  Owning this business allows me to shop all the time!  I am always looking for new trends that I think will excite my clients as well as flatter them.  As women we have the challenge that no two body shapes are the same. We are all unique. 

Women including myself, tend to hate swimwear and jean shopping.   It gives me great satisfaction to help a client choose something that flatters her figure and you see it with the smile on her face. 

Keep watching for future Blogs on how to choose clothing for your body type.

Always here for you, 

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