Suit yourself .....

Suit yourself .....

Posted By: Sunrayz Published: 31/07/2017 Times Read: 572 Comments: 0

Suit yourself …..

Swimwear shopping is right up there with trying on jeans.  Why do we hate it so much?  Who is it that we think is judging us?  Is it our spouse?  Is it our girlfriends?  Is it the stranger on the beach? Or is it ourselves?

I've always worried about my size. Entering my teenage years I felt that society was trying to tell us that any body fat on a woman was a negative thing.   But even when I weighed 130 lbs. in high school, I wasn’t sure if I looked good enough.

I don’t know about you, but ageing has made me tired. And being tired I don’t exercise as much, so my body has gotten flabby. I know if I exercise I will get more energy, but it’s finding the energy in the first place to exercise.  Sound familiar?  

So, who cares if we’re not slim?  Slim is only one kind of beautiful, and no kind of beautiful should be forced onto someone else. 

And, it's hot outside!  Take. It. Off.

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